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Jul 17, 2012 4:25am EDT
maryland fork prince george's county and baltimore city. >> reporter: baker wants governor o'malley to call a special session of the legislature in order to expand the number of gaming sites in maryland from five for six and put that new casino at the national harbor in prince george's. >> i feel like progress is being made. >> reporter: but the governor won't call a special session at least until he has agreement from house leaders like speaker michael bush who has said he doesn't think expanded gambling would pass right now. the governor is prying to ease political rivalry among competing counties by creating a new gambling commission which would decide on things like gaming tax rates. >> perhaps now, there is the opportunity for the house leadership to coalesce around their leader and, if so, we could get this done, i think, and in pretty short order. >> reporter: while we can't tell you if or what governor o'malley would call a special session on gambling, what we can tell you is that not everybody is on board with this idea especially the people who have invested millions of dollars in
Jul 16, 2012 4:25am EDT
and montgomery counties and also baltimore city today. they will need to pass a bill by august 20th in order to get it on the november ballot. mber >>> our other big story, americans kidnapped in egypt. the egypt man says he will take more people if they do not release his tourist. the people were retracing jesus footsteps and headed to st. katherine's monastery. >> i think the egyptian government has to demonstrate it is able to maintain security inside egypt. if it fails, it will a severe economic blow to egypt, to its tourist industry. >> the pastor has diabetes and his family is worried because he does not have his medicine with him. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton met with egypt apt military leaders in cairo but did not make much progress in getting them to let the muslim brotherhood take power. protestors chanted monday canada, monica, a reference to former bill clinton's extramarital affair. this morning, secretary clinton is arriving in jeer use recommend lemignot -- in jerusalem for talks with officials there. >>> we'll be right back  >>> the uprising in syria i
Jul 18, 2012 4:25am EDT
. 81 in baltimore. 79 in fredericksburg. no doubt about it, even ocean city, 82 degrees. it's warm one. more humidity than yesterday. better chance we'll see late- day storms. some could be on the strong side as we'll have a lot of heat and humidity around here. nothing going on right now. your morning commute will be fine but later today, i think in time for that evening rush hour, we have to be concerned about some storms. 100 in washington, 100 in manassas. 99 in fredericksburg. heat advisory in effect at 11:00. >> thank you. >>> time to say good morning to lauren demarco to so what is going on on the roads. >> we don't have to worry about any storms for the morning rush. things should be wrapping up with construction on the beltway. if you are traveling the american legion bridge, the right of your screen into virginia, you can see the lanes wide open, no delay. we did the construction near gallows road but that is being picked up. 66, no problems heading out off manassas towards centreville, everybody running at speed. 95 looks good through lorton up through springfield. georg
Jul 13, 2012 4:25am EDT
city of baltimore and several of its residents who said they were targeted for bad loans. >>> a new way for fight crime right on your smart phone. >> we are talking about apps, of course. a man created an app because he was fed up with being a victim. we'll show you how it all works coming up next. >>> welcome back. these days, there is a smart phone app for everything. this morning, we are talk bathe new app meant to help keep you safe. it is called prime push and it allows you to report a crime to police by hitting a button. >> the creator is a d.c. resident who has been the victim of a crime three times in the last eight months. audrey barnes explains. >> it is the lieu light in your pocket, like a little guardian angel. >> reporter: the blue light he is referring to is the glow of your smart phone equipped with a brand-new app called crime push. it is free and can be downloaded through itunes and google play stores. >> you can add picture, video are or audio evidence so the police can see exactly what air viewing. >> reporter: since it works off gps, par the might like the check
Jul 3, 2012 4:25am EDT
washington. 70 in baltimore. 70 in one chester. so temperatures, if you are in the mountained or down to the ocean, ocean city, 65. not terribly uncomfortable. satellite-radar, we have a couple of showers breaking out into portions of northern virginia and southern maryland. you can see those. that is the leading edge of the more humid air. the higher dew points, the higher humidity will start to move back in. i think you will notice the water in the atmosphere on the increase. there is your high temperatures. mid-90s again today. 95 in washington. 92 in hagerstown. it will be hot. gee, it is. people needing lots of water and a lot of patience on the roads, julie wright. >> still a lot of signals that are dark causing problems. my trip into work, lights are still dark. we are seeing more of them turned back on but, in some cases, even though they have power, they're not syncing correctly. so that becomes another issue. proceed with caution and allow extra time on the road. the hov restrictions have been lifted for those traveling on 66 inside the beltway and on 270. all lanes are open right
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5